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Discussion cut for lengthCollapse )
[The Ptolemeios II!  Say hello to your new home for the two weeks or so, everyone who decided to head off into space!  The vessel is regretfully not as large as the Chalice so living conditions might be a bit cramped.  You'll also see that the mechanics (both humans and Haro) are working around the clock to finish the new set of Celestial Being Gundams, all of them looking to be improvements on their predecessors at least in terms of combat capability.  At any rate, the crew is friendly enough and it's a chance to escape that pesky gravity, so feel free to use this post for general mingling.]
[It's the middle of the night on the Chalice, still at Gucun for the moment.  A guest came onboard the vessel today as well, Hana and Mad's grandmother Professor Himesaki.  There hasn't exactly been a heartwarming reunion just yet though... instead the woman's been in discussion with Ayame and Maxene... late into the night even.

[Little did anyone know however, that another figure was now moving down the halls with the utmost of stealth.  He had a mission of grave importance to accomplish... and two very specific people to recruit for his cause.]
31 October 2012 @ 06:43 pm
[It's All Hallow's Eve, which means it's time for a Blackwell Family Tradition: Staying up all night and watching tons of horror movies! Everyone's invited! Zombies, vampires, serial killers, aliens, giant monsters-the classic lineup of horror films is here in full force.]

2.[Later on in the night, Roads can be found hiding behind the couch, cautiously peeking over at the more extreme spats of violence and gore.]

Ugh...stupid Anthony Hopkins...

(OOC: The first is just general movie madness for anyone who wants to get involved. The second is more for people who want to deal with Roads specifically.)
31 October 2012 @ 02:46 pm
[Due to a certain holiday coming right up, some decorations start appearing around the Chalice. And a certain Vox pilot is absolutely terrified of all the pumpkins and ghosts on strings.]

Aah! Th... this is too realistic for me!

[Lan will proceed to lock herself in her room and refuse to get out.]
[In the seemingly lonely Sentry, it did not take long for someone to catch it. A Radio transmission caught the attention of the crew, sitting in the Chalice's hanger on standby. Authentications were a breeze and the audio was patched in. In an unusual move, it was also relayed to a transmission set outside the plane.]

"Mobius one Reporting in. Escort mission accomplished. The Tanker and escorts are safely home, and I found a break in the ECM balloon fields to call in. How is the Chalice? I have some things to report to them."

((OOC:Writing this felt like it took all day. Took about 1 1/2 hours...))
30 October 2012 @ 02:10 pm
[It had been awhile since Hana had been told the news about Mad - that she really was her sister. While it seemed that she took it in stride, there was a bit of her that doubted that Mad WAS her sister. For all she knew, the scientist could have forged it. Mad was friends with Clan Wolf, right? And since she's not too thrilled about the Desus, she could have convinced them to do so to sow more seeds against them.

Of course, she could be paranoid...

Looking outside of the Chalice, looking over Gucun, she's snapped out of her thoughts by CHYPrE]

You don't think Mad's your sister, do you-desu?

Well, it's not that... okay, maybe it is. I... I just don't remember a Madeline... or a Nadeshiko that isn't the one hanging around Gentarou.

It makes sense that you don't remember-desu. In eight years, you survived Second Impact and two Endless attacks. And that was when you were a kid.

Mmm... do you think Mad wants to be saved?

That's not the question you want to ask, Hana. The question you want to ask is "Do YOU want to save Mad?" You're scared of her-desu. You're scared of what she's done and who she's with. I think you'd rather leave her.

That's not...! Mmmn... [She hangs her head down and sighs.]

Hana, not everyone's going to want to be saved. Not the way you want it-desu. And that's your problem: you want to save everyone that you keep abandoning who you are. At the very least, confront Mad and try to work out your problems-desu.


You changed too much-desu. You need to tone yourself down...
28 October 2012 @ 01:32 pm

[The ruined section of Gucun still hasn't quite been cleaned out yet.  At least not of all the scrapped and totaled Combat Frames and Prominence Armors.  And Julia herself went to take a look, to see for herself the Herrera Futuristics products that had been used on Cheng and everyone else.  She's not exactly happy about that, but then again when your company is a weapons dealer it has a good chance happening.]

I'm not sure whether to be happy so many Red Shifts could keep up with innovations at Gucun or guilty about how they were used.  But Cheng and everyone pulled through though...

[Just past one flattened building is a half-destroyed railgun, the combined "H" and "F" company logo for Herrera Futuristics plain to see.]

... I don't want this to be for nothing, Mr. Herrera.  The dream's not dead yet.


[Later, public broadcast]

I know there's been some talk about getting back the GN Drive we lost, and that it's in space.

I'm not sure how covert this plan's going to be, but... I'd like to join it.  I need to get back into space anyways.  For personal reasons
28 October 2012 @ 04:07 pm
[Tobia is doing some training with the G-Saviour, and because a small audience of curious Gucun civilians has gathered, he decided to impress them by showing off his (in his head) cool ride and mad skills. Right now, the Gundam's eyes are covered with cloth, and yet it manages to send a paint round straight at the bull's eye of each of several large targets! The audience cheers him on, especially the girls, and the Mobile Suit bows.]

Thank you, thank you! Now, for my next trick...

[Yeah, Tobia is totally cheating by using additional cameras. Comment on that? Join the show with your robot? Do something else?]
28 October 2012 @ 02:22 pm
[How unusual for the so-called woman of science to actually engage in scientific research! There she is, sitting at a table that's absolutely COVERED with scientific books - physical, biological, and more.]

Shall we focus on the biosphere first? No, no. One has to look at the very base first - the litosphere! Did the air we breathe change since the Second Impact? Ah, questions only precede more questions!

[She covers more and more paper with nigh-unintelligible Champion of Consenesco-brand chicken scratch.]

Whose idea was to make the world such a complicated place? Let me find this individual, a divine diety or not, my opinion on their good work or lack thereof shall be known!

[That didn't take long! Alessandra lost her patience and is currently waving her arms around like a child throwing a tantrum. Which is enough to knock a stack of books and send them flying on her head.]


[Feel free to be present at the moment, or a bit later while she lies under a literary pile, all spirally-eyed.]
27 October 2012 @ 09:58 pm
1. Gucun was alight with new ships coming in during the end of the crisis that had been on hand. While some of them carried supplies, one of them was a truly massive ship emblazoned with the words "Stark Industries" across it. Even before setting down, you could hear hard rock that pre-dated the Impact being blared over huge speakers embedded into the ship.

From the top, a figure plummeted from the drop ship and landed with nary a thump via a parachute as fireworks exploded behind him in a pre-arranged pattern. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tony Stark has entered your world!

As the ship landed and people gathered at the drop point, he cleared his throat.]

Is it better to be feared, or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both? Ladies and Gentlemen of Gucun, I present to you the latest in Stark Industries freedom line, fresh from our development. Armed with the latest in our patented repulsor technology, it the latest in smart weapons. They say the best weapon is one that you don't have to fire. I humbly disagree! As the best weapon is the only weapon you have to fire once.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

[And a huge missile appears from the top of it, aimed at the sky, gleaming in the evening sun.]

The Jerusalem.

[And it fired, skyward, zooming into the sky where it split up into hundreds of mini-seekers and exploded on pre-set targets hovering there. A shockwave buffered all of Gucun and Tony spread his arms, seconds before it whooshed past him, only to step towards a cooler.] Order one now and it comes with a mini bar. To peace!

2. [And here it is, a mobile Stark Expo, complete with various technologies, both weapons grade and medical. Tony is mingling with people, drinking from what seems to be an endless glass that keeps getting refilled. Clearly this man knows how to drink. Bother?]
27 October 2012 @ 06:34 pm
[Zeta Gundam lost its head last mission - so what! Lowe already has a spare one hoisted by a crane, hanging above the damaged mobile suit.

Unfortunately the spare head belongs to a Zaku mk II.]

Hmm, doesn't look quite right... maybe I should've used the Dom one after all.
27 October 2012 @ 08:04 pm
[Released from the Brig, Mad's first action is to seek out several people on the ship and gather several odds and ends. But what was the purpose behind them?

1) [Action OR Video] [Locked to Mechanics and 'Science' Types]
Brains for BrawnCollapse )

2) [Action] [Locked to Gregory, MarKus and/or any Riders that are NOT Gentarou.]
Knowledge for the IgnorantCollapse )

2a) [Action] [AFTER PROMPTS 1 & 2]

Test Run - Part 1Collapse )

3) [Action] [Locked to Yui]

How to live like you're normal - by Anonymous SociopathCollapse )
27 October 2012 @ 12:45 am
Clan funeral rites, unlike everything else in their ritual-suffused lives are not particularly elaborate. For Shem, the elemental killed by a sniper unit that decided it wanted to take some of these terrifying invaders with it, his ashes are simply laid in an urn (there had been a darkly hilarious conversation where Resnick interrogated their command staff about where the vats for the recycling of bodies were) along with his giftake (the last and considered most 'pure' genetic sample) in a little ferroplastic container.

He'd been the hardest on Mad and Laura in their training, disbelieving that two baseline humans could ever keep up with the way they practiced. But gradually he'd warmed to them and gave them noogies like the rest of his point.

Outside in the rubble, fourteen Clan Warriors stand in a circle around the final remains. As the senior officer present, Resnick is obligated to read from The Remembrance.

"Let all warriors bear their mark proudly, Taking what pride they can in their accomplishments; For our lives should be full of glory, but short.. Seyla."

"Seyla!" Echo the others, and Shem's ashes are scattered on the soil of Sacred Terra. The ritual over, the Wolves mingled amongst themselves, sharing memories of the dead and expressing hope that his death will guarantee his genes a place in the breeding program.
27 October 2012 @ 12:31 am
[While the circumstances surrounding its existence are currently hidden to them, the Prototype Throne was successfully retrieved, and its engine extracted.]

[It's clear by looking at it that this was the bridge unit between the Throne Gundams and the GN-X, but what was it doing in Gucun's possession, in the hands of the former tyrant?]
27 October 2012 @ 12:51 pm

Everyone. I have news. It seems that Wang Ding Bang and the insurgents have fled Gucun to consolidate and prepare for a coup.

[Adette, Roads - the both of you may have met this man as Cheng pulls up this picture

for everyone's convenience.]

There is also no telling if there are any more of their comrades still lurking in Gucun. To this end my wife and I will remain on the White Chalice along with our family and a small unit. I will take the fight to them in order to end this matter as soon as possible.

In the meantime Han Zhi will take command of Gucun in my absence. Does anyone have anything to say?


[Hey Canon, there's footsteps coming and its probably not meal time. Who the hell would want to visit you?]

Canon. It's been a while hasn't it?

[Hey, that voice sounds familiar- is that CHENG?!]
27 October 2012 @ 06:03 am
[Hostage successfully rescued! Although it seems she didn't really need a lot of rescuing after all... anyway, Devon has a video conference talk for you all.]

I must thank you all for taking swift action. I can ensure Gucun will not forget what happened today... and I won't personally, either.

Let's make one thing clear - I didn't get caught on purpose. Before I realized what was going on, my bodyguards were already dead and traitors were aiming their guns at me. I could have broken out earlier, but I had to make sure who was behind it.

And soldiers who died today... I knew some of them personally. I could not let their sacrifice go unavenged.

[There's probably a billion various urgent, official issues to take care of now. But forget that, there are priorities. So Devon checks on her family.]

I'm alright, don't cry. Mom is alright... you didn't cry, did you Nuan Chun? It takes more than a dozen bad people with machineguns to hurt me.

[She's with her daughters now, hugging both the 7- and the 4-year old in a protective, heartwarming and surprisingly out-of-character image.]
26 October 2012 @ 07:06 pm
Zabine wasn't the type to clean with the mop, especially (and secretly) for the buffoons upon the White Chalice. The ship attracted all kinds of trouble. He had never seen such space pirates before, and they made a slight mess of his black gundam. So Zabine could be found in the hangar, with a cloth in his hand, standing in a hoist (?), cleaning X2's Shot Lancer.

Now, there were terrorists; He didn't seem concerned about it.

"I'm going to have to get them back for this."
26 October 2012 @ 09:05 pm
[Ever since the attack on the Chalice by the Space Pirates, Luger had sought out yet another hidey hole. He has now recently come back out into the open with... some grisly looking things.]

Guten Tag Mein Freund!

May I interest you in some furniture?

[Well... its.... well. That would explain why some of the bodies of the Space Pirates were.... missing things. Luger used their corpses to make furniture with after cleaning them up.]

[He's made footstools, chairs, side tables, even a rather creepy looking clock. (Essentially an ordinary clock punched through a pirate's head with fake googly eyes moving back and forth.)]

[Ask him what the bloody hell is wrong with him?]
26 October 2012 @ 02:01 am
[Anyone entering the hangar will find both Reinheit and Wahrheit have vanished overnight. In addition, Alexei and PRIME's quarters have been completely cleaned out, save a single note on the door.]

"Members of the White Chalice:

This is a letter to inform any interested parties that the mercenaries, Alexei Soras and Specimen PRIME have been recalled and reassigned to seperate missions, and are no longer able to attend to any matters regarding the White Chalice's affairs. We at the LEAGUE thank all parties involved for your cooperation and aid, and will keep your force in mind for future events and affairs that concern us.  Your work is very highly valued, and your results speak for themselves. Good luck in the future, and godspeed."

[[OOC: This post doubles as a permissions post. Alexei and PRIME did a thorough sweep of all members, mecha, and technology information that they could gather, hacking into systems and planting bugs in common areas and certain rooms. Anything that you wish for the LEAGUE to know about your character, mecha, or tech should be posted here, This CAN, naturally, include falsified or dummy information, should your character be aware/prepared for such attempts.]]

1] It's been a while since Adette had sneaked away for a dedicated drinking session in some dark corner of the ship, but the fast had past, and the buxom blonde was creeping around the hallways with a bottle tucked under her arm.
Adette sort of pocking her head into open doors, trying to find a place that was either unoccupied, or she found someone to drink with, either was acceptable at this point.


2] Later, after Adette had gotten herself sufficiently drunk, she went to sit on the observation deck. She carried her high heels in one hand as she walked, smiling as if she was pleased with the whole world. Despite her intoxication she didn't stumble, or trip. Adette was a pro and not even close to wasted, just happy drunk, buzzing with warmth and simply happiness. Once there she found a place to sit and just sort of got stuck, staring up at the night sky, her head tipped back, golden hair falling down her back, and pooling on the seat behind her. Adette loved this feeling, this sense of fulfillment, and joy, mixed in with the alcohol's soothing way to help one forget their troubles (not that she had many these days). This was the high every drinker should seek, when all that is left is happiness, and everything else just fades away.


1] In the early morning hours, if you happen to be around the hanger you might see something very... strange.

The Quebely had been moved in the night, but only so that it knelt to the floor and cupped it great metal hands together. There seemed to be a long swath of red silk hanging down from it's palm, which really wasen't so odd.

If you bother to look closer you may find..

Well, look at this! It's the Regent herself, curled up asleep in the hand of her mech. Her baby pink hair still twisted into layers of curlers, and her silken robe pulled around night gown.

If you are a newtype you might have felt some strange things in your sleep last night, sharpened nightmares, could this have something to do with it?

Do you dare wake the monster, or let sleeping dogs lie?

2] Later that evening, Haman is in her office, reading over paperwork, trying to forget the mortification of this morning. Mineva plays on the floor with her favorite new toy she got from Big Sister Cynthia for her birthday.

And yet her mind kept going back to it... I thought I had only dreamed those things. How then did I end up there...?

She cast a worried looked at the children she was sworn to protect. Haman wondered if she could protect this child from herself.

3][Locked to Sayla Mass]

Haman didn't want to do it, but she could not deny Char's concern. So Haman leaned her head into Medical, hoping this is where his precious little sister could be found.
"Excuse me?" Haman hesitated, she had never liked Med wards, not since she had become a newtype and been subjected to years of testing and prodding.
Just the sterile smell made her skin crawl. But Char would never forgive her if she didn't do this.
26 October 2012 @ 08:59 am
[Cheng was surprisingly stoic despite the declaration from the insurgents. Despite having his wife kidnapped he was keeping everything together while he formed an action plan with his advisers. Clearly a small and elite force was required to foil them, but the fact that his choice was the White Chalice and not an entirely Gucun Contingent as the Nationalists would prefer had earned him some ire.]

-We had spilled enough of our own countrymen's blood during the civil war, and during our isolation. There will be no arguements on this decision-

[He took a deep breath as he remembered the flurry of arguments that exploded soon after.]

[Talk to the beleaguered leader?]
25 October 2012 @ 02:59 pm
[Seven years is a long time, and the Crossbone Vanguard had had an agent in Gucun, so Kincaid had figured it was prudent to hunt him down and make sure he was okay.

Some discrete calls had revealed that the agent was still alive and kicking, but the actual face to face meeting hadn't gone well. VERY not well, if the broadcast he just sent is any indication. As well as the burning building in one of the poorer regions of Gucun]

Bleeding, first degree burns, oof maybe a broken rib. Turning on this thing's locator.

Evac would be nice.

[OOC: Please only one actual rescue thread, everyone else can find him looking worse for wear but getting patched up in the infirmary.]
24 October 2012 @ 10:24 pm
[Private to Nanohana and Mad]

[A nervous looking Scientist with a widow's peak and Resnick appear on screen.]

"Hello, Mechwarrior Nano-"

"You do not need to address them by those titles. The Spheroids do not use them."

"Ah, right, my apologies. Madeleine Caine, Nanohana Himesaki, we are finished with the test. You are indeed sisters."

[Private to Ranna]

I have been noticing that we get ambushed quite a bit. What do you think of sending back to HQ for a Watch agent? Can we justify taking one away from the Blakist investigation?
23 October 2012 @ 04:32 pm
[After defeating the insurgent attack, White Chalice was escorted by the Gucun Border Patrol to the capital. And something has changed... where there was rubble, now stand buildings. The place is definitely less ruined, and looks even modern and quite advanced in some areas! You are treated like respectable guests, and there is a honor guard waiting as the ship docks, Combat Frames and soldiers on foot, looking proud to have you there.

Unknown soldiers are one thing though. Familiar faces wait for you at the docks...]

An old friend #1Collapse )

An old friend #2Collapse )

Streets of the StateCollapse )

Friendly encounterCollapse )

Unfriendly encounterCollapse )
[It happened practically in the span of hours.  What was once a fairly civil if small town on America's west coast suddenly exploded with activity as numerous Titans warships and quick-assembly facilities for building up an army of mobile dolls started to dot the landscape.  Before long, armed guards began to walk the streets, with the town's mayor trying to explain everyone that the Titans would only be staying for a short while and had given the town a number of supplies already as a show of good faith.

[And it is here that an unlikely encounter would take place...]
22 October 2012 @ 10:30 am
Prompt for Yoshika and Lucchini

[[There's a message for you two, and it's from the Major. You're to come see her ASAP, for a special assignment.]]

Prompt for a gathering of several commander and head-honcho types; Char, Haman, Shirley, Hayato, Eri, Lockon, etc. etc., so long as you're a 'commanding officer' of 'something'

[[This is a meeting, in a secure room. Almost a strategy room, but, yanno, since this isn't a matter of combat, not quite. There are no charts or maps or anything prepared so this DEFINITELY isn't a combat matter.!]]

As you've read, I called you all here for, what I feel, to be a serious manner. Although logistically we've been coming out on top of several of our recent encounters with the various factions and foes that plague this planet, I believe that, as a group, we're losing. Though you may not agree, crew morale is slipping terribly. And as with the case, previously, with Miss Caine, matters only seem to be getting worse. I'll remind you that the majority of our combat strength on this ship are not only children, but civilian volunteers with no military ties.

I propose that we do something, anything, to raise morale on this ship. I have my own suggestion, which, I'm certain several of you may not entirely agree with, but, I open the floor for suggestions or concerns, if any are to be had. Otherwise I'll continue.

[[There's no particular order to tag to (2), but, if you want to have an order, that's fine. Just coordinate, otherwise, post discussion freely! Basically, we're shooting for a party of sorts here.]]
21 October 2012 @ 09:46 pm
[Eri strode through the Chalice, intent on doing what she needed to do. She had in her hands a small item as she pushed the door open.]

Hana you in here?
22 October 2012 @ 02:44 am

Everyone, there is something you should all see.

[The nearest video screen starts displaying footage - a ruined, desolated area, suddenly engulfed by something that creates a massive visual distortion. It's almost like an explosion, but explosions go "boom" once and then they're gone. This just stays.]

I don't know exactly what happened yet, but I know where - Gucun. The whole state was affected, and we can't establish any contact with them anymore!

We're too close not to investigate. Everyone, stay alert and ready for anything - it could be the alien invaders returning with an experimental weapon for all we know. If that's the case, they will still be in the area.

White Chalice is expected to arrive in 24 hours.

[Combat log, frontdated to about a day after prompt 1]

[As White Chalice nears Gucun territory, the distortion is still there. It's like a huge irregular dome surrounding the whole State, the level of destruction and ruin on its borders even higher than the already-high Gucun average.

Only when White Chalice nears closer does something happen - and how! The huge barrier shimmers, weakening rapidly and disappearing, and the ship immediately comes under attack!]

Unidentified hostiles are approaching! They're like Combat Frames but we don't have them in the database! Someone please sortie before they sink the Chalice!

Enemy descriptions!Collapse )

[Enemies are not ridiculously powerful individually, but their number is large and they are well-coordinated and work together. React quickly before you get swarmed and overwhelmed!]

[Combat log, and direct continuation of prompt 2]

"White Chalice? Are you White Chalice? Respond and identify yourselves!"

[While combat continues, suddenly reinforcements arrive! Same unit types as above, only the new guys side with you and attack the enemy!]

"This is State of Gucun Border Patrol. You are under attack by insurgents - allow us to help!"
21 October 2012 @ 08:37 pm
[Thanks to Hadou Ruri pulling some strings, White Chalice gets access to Miskatonic Unversity's library. Not the dangerous or sanity-damaging parts, of course, but it's still an impressive collection of occult tomes. Werter is taking advantage of it and doing research on Baphomet, browsing through books and comparing his notes and videos from previous battles with the Disciples. He appears frustrated.]

Artifex... Who the heck is Artifex? Conor mentioned that name before... I am so close yet so far to solving this mystery! Argh!
21 October 2012 @ 03:42 am
Directly after the pirate attack, Hayato can be found sitting on a dead one, smoking a cigarette. He's splattered in pirate blood, especially on his hands. The wounds on the pirate he's sitting on look almost like it was killed by some sort of wild animal.

"Been way too long since I got to really cut loose. The worst thing about being a commander was never being able to get my hands dirty."
21 October 2012 @ 12:13 pm
[Earlier today, Samus has killed Ridley again, and likely to last for a fair amount of time this once. It has also been the first time in a while she's actually let herself fight in any way approaching "for real". All that's gone wrong is that the Space Pirates got their hands on a metroid again, and that's happened well enough times already. Everything rational would dictate she should be, overall, pretty satisfied with the day.

However, she's not.

Samus is currently outside the Chalice, atop it, looking forward with a dark expression. There's no feeling coming from her at all - but for once, she actually looks angry and concerned, and very clearly not as calm as usual. In fact, she looks rather scary there. She half raises an arm, thoughtfully, and looks at her own hand - and her fingers tense into an angry claw for a moment before she breathes and lets the hand hang again.

She mutters something to herself in Chozo, coldly, as she looks straight at the sun, and goes silent again.

Does anyone dare approach the angry hunter?]

[OOC: The baby metroid got stolen by Space Pirates. Fair warning: Samus is currently much more twitchy than her usual calm self. Those who want to keep full use of their extremities should approach with caution]
20 October 2012 @ 09:32 pm

Following taking a full blast of Therion's fear power (how a psychic-based attack affected an AI would be known only to someone who managed to study him), Casshern was rushed not to the infirmary, but to a tech lab. He was outfitted with a few restraints in case his Berserker Mode managed to still be active (spoiler alert: it isn't), with a few electrode like devices hooked up to his head.

The data feeding through proved that Therion's power was effective against Casshern. What happened to him was an AI's equivalent to a blue screen of death, with his AI performing an emergency shut-down to prevent a total crash. His memory was defragmenting, the last few things he saw being nothing but static. But in that static, at one point, and for only a split second, one semi-legible image was able to be seen, and is displayed on the screen. Literally nothing else can be recovered.

That image? This. But it's only barely decipherable with the amount of static.


Following the fighting, Casshern's finally starting to wake up. About an hour beforehand, he had been shaking violently in his sleep, as his AI's defragmenting process neared its end. By the time it reaches 100%, he sits upright, ripping the restraints right off of the side of the bed.

"L-Lu--!" he screams, stopping as soon as he realizes he's awake. He's panting, eyes wide, hair completely unkempt (yes, more than usual). A few seconds later he's getting a grip on himself, and looks down at his open hands on his lap. "I... I did it... I really did... I killed her..."
20 October 2012 @ 06:23 pm
[After that mission, Gurren is a freaking WRECK, with blast marks, a half-melted shoulder, and a huge slash right down the front. Kamina is unhurt, at least, beyond the normal bruises from getting bounced around the cockpit in a fight, and what kind of professional manly man would let those slow him down. He is curious about something though.]

Hey guys, there's some kinda warning light flashing here, it says...

[He peers closely at it, like a man who is barely literate and that only a recent development.]

Uh... d...damagee, damage! Damage levels....critical. Retoooorn...Return, Return to...re...

"Damage Levels Critical, Return to Recall Point!"

Then there's a bunch of numbers. What d'you think that means?
21 October 2012 @ 03:16 am
[While some of our forces were out there in the city fighting Dr West and Ridley, White Chalice got infiltrated by several groups of Space Pirates! The insectoid aliens have a simple plan - steal what they can, destroy what they can't, and kill anything that resists. We're not going to let them do that, are we?

Those are mostly going to be on-foot battles, because the Pirates prefer to stay off the deck or the hangar where they would have to fight mecha. The only difference is a very sneaky group of them who stole the Baby Metroid - but those are going to get away probably even before they're discovered! The other Pirates will pull back if pushed too hard too.]
20 October 2012 @ 06:09 pm
[After what felt like hours of negotiation with Hadou Ruri Kurou was able to talk her (With the help of a few Chalice members and her butler.) into letting him serve as the pilot of Demonbane. As much as the Princess disliked it their situation had gotten dire, although she was able to convince everyone that keeping Demonbane in Arkham was a smarter idea in case the Black Lodge did make another attack on the city. Kurou would be able to summon the Deus Machina when he needed it. This also meant that Kurou would be working with the Chalice thanks to now officially being a drone in the Hadou Group.]

1. [Introduction]

Figured I should introduce myself at the very least, I'm Daijuuji Kurou apparently I'm to work with all of you while looking for the Black Lodge. Apparently I'm also supposed to be the pilot of Demonbane and the Master of Necronomicon.

2. [Al Azif prompt.]

[The pink haired grimoire was now back on the Chalice she seemed to be making herself at home staring at whatever new mechs might have joined the ship since she left.]

This won't do at all.

[She wasn't exactly impressed.]
20 October 2012 @ 07:16 pm
1. [After putting Casshern down, Tsukasa made a beeline for the mens room. Closing the door behind him, he exhaled and reached for his belt to power down. Just then, the shimmering sound of the Mirror World resounded and he brought up his guard only to see something. It was indistinct but it looked like a person... Tsukasa frowned.]

Shinji? Ren? ... Kanzaki?

[No answer. The shimmer happened again as the glass rippled. Cautiously he stepped forward towards the glass, as the form reached out from the other side, and carefully his fingers touched it.


2. [Tsukasa sat in the empty kitchen, sipping tea. He was too high strung for coffee and he was looking over his shoulder.]

I'm just being paranoid... [He grumbled to himself, moving to do the dishes when a voice in his head spoke.]

Paranoid, or needlessly reckless? You know as well as I do, Tsukasa that you're always looking for ways to get hurt...

No that's not true...

Is it? Is it really? [That nagging voice in his head made him pause a little, looking up at his reflection -- pale face from the stress or tiredness, his hair wild, almost like... devil horns.] What could be so worrisome that you want to get away from it all again?

[Tsukasa hissed as he put his things into the sink with a clink of china.]

You can't escape from it, DCD...

3. Tsukasa stood in the middle of a field.

There wasn't anything for a moment, seconds before a missile impact slammed behind him, causing him to yelp and crouch down in shock. Fumbling for his belt, he found it missing as engines roared across the battlefield. Riders on bikes, Riders on foot, explosions everywhere.

From the skies, more Riders poured from it. Castle Doran swooped around firing beams. The DenLiner zoomed around train tracks preceding it. The machines of Faiz. The Riotroopers and ZECTtroopers storming the battlefield.

Tsukasa spun around as an answering force met them in this grand battlefield, explosions throwing up opponents. Brightly clashing colors, shadowy forms, more Riders poured forth from the world around them. And from it, more colorful forms, hundred, no, two hundred, no four hundred and more! There was more chaos and explosions rocking the world around him as slowly, they began to fall one by one.

The shadowy figures whooped and hollered even as their own ranks fell. A whirlwind of color and forms followed as Tsukasa clutched his head and screamed, "MAKE IT STOP!"

A wave of energy burst free from him, and everything came to a halt as he looked up, his hands trembling. A form floated in the middle of the air, silhouetted in pink light as he saw... himself? Maybe? The belt was the same but... A symbol of eagle claws clutching a world was burned prominently in his mind.

And as the last Rider fell to the chanting masses, Tsukasa awoke screaming loud enough to be heard across the civilian rooms of the Chalice, panting as he sat up in bed.

19 October 2012 @ 11:16 pm
[It's been almost a week since the event in the infirmary. During this time period, Ciel has been less of a nuisance to the average Chalice member than normal - mostly because she tends to be either too tired to deal with it, or is asleep in an out of sight place, though never the same place twice. Anybody who's been paying attention to her probably realizes this is because she spends her nights standing guard outside of Hana and company's room after the girls have gone to bed. Call it paranoia, but there's are certain someones on the Chalice who she hasn't an ounce of trust for...]

[She's asleep in one of the more well-endowed trees in the arboretum today, on a branch about midway up the tree and well into the leafy depths, hiding her from sight. Only someone directly beneath the tree might notice the woman above them. She seems to have secured herself into place with a rope, and is sleeping as soundly as most would in a soft, cushy bed. She's a light sleeper, though; feel free to bother her or ask what the hell she's doing.]

[Ciel has taken to another nighttime vigil in front of Hana's room. Tonight, she can be found occupying herself by breaking down a pistol, cleaning it, and putting it back together at random intervals - often times without looking at the gun, Major Payne style. whenever somebody passes by, she glances at them, then returns to her lethal jigsaw puzzle. Care to strike up a conversation?]

3) [Locked to Hana, Eri, and Sora]
[The older woman managed to corner each of the girls at some point, and has asked them to come to her room at some point before they head to bed that night. She didn't specify if they should come as a group or on their own; whatever the case, when the girls arrive - together or separate - she answers the door looking exhausted. Upon seeing who it is, she ushers the girl inside and shuts the door behind.]

Thank you for coming. Have you been well?
[It had been 24 hours since one Daijuuji Kurou had been hired to look for a grimoire. The penniless PI had spent the last day scouring the streets of Arkham searching for any kind of clue. Alas his search turned up nothing. Every antique bookstore was a bust, even when he found the occasional real occult shop none of them had any grimoires. He wondered if he would have taken this job if he hadn't been paid in advance for it.]

Maybe I should try asking Armitage...or just breaking back into Miskatonic.

[Suddenly, just as he was about to give up for the day there is an antique bookstore in front of him.]

That wasn't there a second ago...maybe I'm losing it. I mean I am talking to myself right now.

[Deciding to at least give this place a quick glance before ending his search for the day Kurou enters the bookstore. It was surprisingly tidy and looked really well stocked. The store felt a lot bigger on the inside. He hadn't seen a collection of books this large since he dropped out of Miskatonic.]

Hellooooooooo, is anyone here?
19 October 2012 @ 07:56 pm


[Chrono grimaces as he finally comes back to himself in the Chalice's infirmary; an attempt to take stock of his limbs results in a hiss, as his left arm still hasn't healed.] Damn... what the hell happened to me...?

[And then he remembers. The party, the attack, the wave of TERROR. He shakes his head.] Those creatures... their attacks were like Shou's. Did they have Gaia Memories...? Ugh, this is confusing me already...

[2 - Video]

[The boy's voice is raspy as he tries to talk, with limited success; he has to stop and cough occasionally.]

How long have I been out? And what happened here? The atmosphere is... unpleasant. Moreso than usual, at least. For that matter... is everyone all right that went on the diplomatic mission?

19 October 2012 @ 03:11 pm

(Seymour is at his computer working on something. At closer look, he seems to be studying a sample that he got from the last fight. He looks at it closely, trying to dissect all the properties and abnormalities in it.)

Hmm, I need to isolate the component which effected the rapid growth and seemingly created intelligence within the plant. That shard, I don't think we can look over it's effect on the ecosystem around it.

[2] (Locked to PRIME)

(PRIME, a butler appears out of nowhere right next to you and hands you a note.)

From Master Seymour, sir.

(As soon as he appeared, he then vanishes. Once you look at the note you see what it is...a bill.)

'Suit $15,000, pants $15,000, socks $7,000, shoes $25,000, cleaning and work $4,670, Tax $2,133.50. Total $68,803.50. I'll be taking this out of your next payment.'
17 October 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Private to Mad]

[Ayame walked up to Mad, arms folded as she was flanked by three of the ships strongest SS classes; Scott, Jo and Tsukasa. She had a very displeased look on her face as she approached the girl.]

Mad Caine, you need to come with us. You've threatened and assaulted members of our crew unprovoked. You're going to have to spend some time in the brig. Will you come quietly?


In the future, please remember again, to report things to us. We were lucky enough to get forewarning of certain people's actions in the last two days from Eri Kurumu and several other concerned parties. In the future, if you see someone attempting to take their life, inform security immediately. This is not a contained issue as it affects the whole crew.

Mad Caine has been brigged for a period of time until she is ready to rejoin the crew. She is allowed visitors but only for an hour a day.
17 October 2012 @ 02:08 pm
Good to see everyone isn't injured recently. We just came back from Mejire which has undergone a retrofit so to speak. The Nirvana also now has a mixed crew with a larger male presence. Also, there is bathing for men and the access to the spa and hangar on the Nirvana is open. Thanks for not blowing up Earth before we got back.
17 October 2012 @ 09:42 pm
Hello again, Chalice! My vacation time with Laura and Dita is over now, and we're all back on the ship again. I hope my presence wasn't missed too much...

I'm happy to hear that there were no sightings of the One-Eyed Don or any of his crew in the meantime. I guess he still decides to keep it low, especially after a much more powerful alien force invaded? I'm sorry to hear that they attacked, and that I wasn't here when it happened, but now that I'm around, I'll be able to offer my help again! In combat, or otherwise.

Now, to put all this stuff into my room. Hopefully the mess is not too big... Um, wait, is this still recording?

[The feed ends here. Feel free to respond via video or in person, though.]
17 October 2012 @ 07:43 pm
[The Chalice is still moving west across the Pacific when a few familiar faces arrive in the hangar, hot on the heels of a familiar ship heaving in to range over the horizon. The Nirvana's back to supplement the Chalice's mini-fleet again, and it doesn't take long for a shuttle to bring the three tourists back aboard, along with the supplies and souvenirs they've brought with them. The three are as refreshed as you might expect after a couple of weeks' vacation in a place like Meijire, but Laura's also looking concerned at what she could see of the ship on the way across, and what she sees in the hangar.]

So - what happened while we were gone? We didn't get much news after leaving London... and it looks like the Chalice has been through a lot...

((OOC: Laura, Lily and Dita have arrived back on the returned Nirvana! This thread is for people wanting responses from Laura alone, or for more than one of the trio. Dita and Lily will both have individual posts up shortly.))
17 October 2012 @ 12:11 am
[1 - Log]
Cut for length and delusions of horror.Collapse )

[2 | Locked to Hana, Eri, Momo, and Ciel]

[Sora's been moaning for the last minute or two while she sleeps; now there are tears streaming out of her eyes and she's curled into a ball, soaked in a cold sweat. What the hell is she dreaming about...? Might want to snap her out of it sooner rather than later, as she's not looking so hot. If not, she'll wake up a minute or two later with a scream, bolting upright and practically leaping out of her bed, her whole body shaking in terror.]

No... nonono... it can't... she can't... why...

[And she's clearly too disoriented to remember where she is or notice who's in the room with her.]


[Sora is headed somewhere via the ship's biggest, most well-lit hallways. She's very jittery, and her eyes are darting between the shadows. What is she so afraid of...? She'll stop to talk to people if hailed, though.]

[4 | Locked to Mad]

[Mad, there's a tap at your door. It's slow and weak, but insistent.] Mad? It's Sora. Can we talk...?


[For whatever reason, Sora can be found searching all of Clan Wolf's usual haunts, with an expression only a little uncertain. If questioned:]

I'm searching for Star Captain Resnick. Do you know where he is...?

[Anyone looking for Mad would find her in an empty work-room in the Chalice - digging information out of Maria's Black Box. For those who were on the mission, some of the voices heard would be gratingly familiar.]

"Why the fuck should we?!? These places are like a dime a dozen. If this one goes to hell we'll just go to another!"

[Scrambled warbling as Mad searches through the logs.]


[Mad's own voice is now screaming in terror before she cuts off the feed. But... there's a smile on her face... she's laughing now... and it is NOT a good thing.]

Assholes... you're gonna get what you fucking deserve... one way or another..

[She's tracing her hand along the slide of her pistol. That look in her eyes is terrifying to say the least.]
15 October 2012 @ 09:34 pm
[Recovering from the effects of Terror was far from easy, and Ren's preferred method of coping was avoiding everyone at all costs and completely shutting down.

It was nowhere near daybreak yet, and he was up, barely sipping at a cup of tea and listlessly reading. Still, for anyone up, they'd notice that he seemed to be on edge, alert for any fear that might be creeping through the night.]
15 October 2012 @ 02:51 pm

Some of the Scientists have recovered an important artifact for clanners far from home. They're all draped over the couch in the lounge now, elementals on the floor, Resnick, some of the other mechwarriors and the Scientists and Technicians on the couch itself and chairs and aerospace pilots perched birdlike on the back.

They're watching The Adventures Of Clan Spaniel. A group of anthropomorphic Warriors, led by Polly, their parrot Khan, are on a never ending quest to liberate their homeworlds from five tribes of evil monkeys (thinly disguised versions of the Succesor States). As the show winds on, continuity errors seem to appear, with the previous episode's events seemingly disregarded in the next. This is due to the Diamond Sharks producing two versions, one for Crusader and one for Warden clans. In the former Clan Spaniel begins a final campaign that ousts the evil monkey tribes, starting with Polly or his subordinates dueling and killing each of the monkey kings in turn (despite the monkeys trying various dishonorable ploys). In the latter, some of the monkeys realize that it would be best to befriend Clan Spaniel, and the Clan helps some of the monkeys to defeat the secret evil overlord that was manipulating them.

There's much discussion over what should have happened and who's the best character.

[2//Locked to Mad]

Resnick is checking up on Mad. When he finds her, he doesn't immediately probe after what happened. Sensitivity he may not have but discretion is well within his abilities.

"I have come to visit my wounded trothkin."
15 October 2012 @ 07:58 pm
(You might or might not notice that the cafetaria has a shortage of knives lately for some reason.)

1.*You're walking somewhere and bumps into Elena. A bunch of knives comes clattering from under her clothes.*

...whoops. Sorry, teehee.

2.It's night. Maybe you can't sleep, or you have some kind of business. Either way you hear some disturbing, mysterious sounds. It comes from one of white chalice's unused rooms.

The room is unlocked. Inside, it's dark. Except from an electric lantern on the corner of the room. And on that corner, Elena is sitting crosslegged, with her back toward you. The sounds is getting clearer now, it's clear that she's the source of the sound. She seems preoccupied. And around her, are the glints of many, many knives...