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Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation Alpha (SRWUG@ or SRWUGA for short) is OPEN!

"First, decide. Then go do it."

"Pierce the heavens with your drill!"
Fifteen years ago, it happened. The Second Impact changed the world. What once was green became barren; cities were laid to ruin. But as always, people live on. And yet even in these trying times, relics of the bygone era of prosperity can still be found. Machines of every shape and size still walk the Earth... although there are some who wish to see these machines gone.

A group of such people has organized, fearing and yet reluctantly using the power of that which they hate: they call themselves Adventus. They have gained a sizeable following and have become a power in the new world, rivaling even those governments whose stability managed to survive the Second Impact. However, they are extremists and will not take no for an answer. Even as they reach out to end the threat of mecha, they make no distinction between those who would destroy what remains of this world and those who seek to protect it.

On the edges of this picture are people like you: Vultures, bandits, disaffected military men and women or simply people trying to make a difference in the harsh new world. It’s not uncommon for such people to band together for mutual protection, and in an obscure corner of the globe, a growing number of people are gravitating around one antique automated battleship. This battleship has been traveling the world since the Second Impact, on a mission that is unknown even to those who live within its hull.

Whether you’re trying to save the world or just get by, there’s opportunity here... and with that opportunity, danger. Because you are not the only disenfranchised people. There are others just like you. Others who seek their livelihood in this new world: alien armies, ancient cults, other Vultures... people vying for power and the few resources left on this slowly recovering Earth.
"It's... a GUNDAM!"
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